Island Rebel Media is a  world-class film, audiovisual and multimedia producer, based in the Caribbean. An all Vincentian production team, with over 30 years of experience and networking in the film, audiovisual and multimedia industry regionally, and internationally.

We  offer  a large array of production services  including film facilitation from Production to  Post production and Distribution. Our group of innovative storytellers combine art with state-of-the- art technology to develop and produce documentary/fiction films, television, music videos, webseries, advertising and corporate videos. What’s your story to tell?


Akley Olton

Executive producer

Director / Cinematographer with 10+ years experience with Cinematography, Colour Correction, and Grading, Video Production, on several local, regional and international projects, including award-winning fiction and documentaries films.

Jomol James


Editor/Animator - Caribbean based motion graphic designer and creative director with over 10+ years of experience. He has worked intensively through his career with Caribbean and global brands. Specialties include: Motion Graphics, character animation, 3d animation, visual effects & fluid simulation.

Omari Fance

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager - Director, multimedia producer and marketing lead. He has over 8 years of hands-on experience in film and multimedia production. He has worked on various high value productions with both local and international production companies.

Rivilino Simmons


Producer- Film/Video production over the last twenty-seven years, working in various areas of production – from directing, producing to videography and training across the region. Former president of the Barbados Film and Video Association.

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